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Women Empowerment Programmes

Family Counseling Centre:

Through Family Counseling Centre around 240 family problems has been solved and resettled their family.

IEC program on Immunization:

Information, Education and communication on period of immunization and the usage of immunization has been provided for mothers and caregivers through IEC materials.

IEC on Family Planning:

Information, Education and communication program on Family planning has been provided to the communities on different types of temporary and permanent method of family planning to reduce the population increase through IEC materials.

IEC on Nutrition:

Information, Education and Communication program on Nutrition has been provided to the communities for the improvement of nutritious food through low cost preparation through IEC materials.

Awareness on Personal Hygiene:

Awareness program on importance of personal hygiene such as hand wash, cutting nails, hair clean, brushing teeth twice a day, taking bath twice a day and precautions made at the time of mensuration has been provided to the womens to follow through IEC materials.

Health Camp for Mothers:

General Health camp has been conducted in our covered village. Through this health camp more than 100 peoples health has been improved from sick.

IEC program on Malaria and Tuberculosis:

Through this program the causes, symptoms and prevention of Malaria and Tuberculosis has been provided through ANM of the local sub centre.

World Breast Feeding Week:

World Breast Feeding week has been celebrated in covered villages. Through this program mothers came to know about the exclusive of breast feeding.

Provision of Kitchen Gardening:

Kitchen gardening has been provided for 50 womens in covering villages for the development of nutritious vegetables at home itself.

Food Mela on Low Cost Nutritious Food:

Food Mela has been conducted in covering villages. Low cost nutritious food has been displayed and prixe has been distributed for the winners.

Milch Animal:

Milch animal has been provided for 60 womens in covering villages for their livelihood enhancement.

Small and Petty Business:

For 50 families loan for small and petty business has been provided and their livelihood status enhanced.

Azolla Cultivation:

Azolla cultivation program has been provided at T.N, Palayam villagefor milch animal beneficieries for the healthy and nutritious food for the milch animals.

Self Help Group:

13 new SHG has been formed in covering villages.

Capacity building for SHG members:

Capacity building training has been provided for 30 members includes 2 members from 15 SHG. Through this training SHG members are came to know about the concept of SHG, Account writing and Resolution writing.

Family Counseling Centre:

Through family counseling centre around 320 family problems such as extra marital, unwed mothers, alcoholism, personality difference has been soved and resettled the family.

Beneficiaries Feedback

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