Women Empowerment Programs

Self Help Group

In order to unite the tribal women for their development, Community Seva Centre formed various Self Help Groups in the interior villages of Kalvarayan Hills. So for nearly 80 SHG were formed and guided by our Organization. There are nearly 1600 tribal women were enrolled as member. With the main objects of social, economic and personality development, our staffs properly guide these SHG's.

Bank Loans for SHG members

To stabilize these SHG's financially, Community Seva Centre arranged for loan to an extent to these poor tribal women from HDFC Bank for their self-employment. Further, our organization has arranged for loan from the revolving fund through the Block Development Officeto eight SHG's. All the SHG's were having account in The Indian Bank at Vellimalai. They also obtain loans from their savings for to meet out their emergency expenses.

Income Generation Program

SHG womens were trained in different trade like Coir training, doll making, ornament making, mushroom cultivation, bamboo work etc., to enhance their family income and to develop their individual talents.

Strengthening Meeting for SHG's

For the effective function of SHG's we are providing various trainings for account writing and resolution writing. In meeting they were explained about their roles and responsibilities in family as well as social development. And guidance were provided for their income generation through small self employment at home itself.


Major children in the hills suffer from nutritional deficiency disorders due to mal nutrition. They use vegetables and fruits in their day-to-day cooking very rarely. They were ignorant about the healthy food habits and they do not know about the balanced diet. They were not having sufficient income for cooking nutritious food .This was the main reason for their nutritional disorders.
In order to relive them from this deficiency disorders and to provide them with nutritious vegetables, Community Seva Centre has introduced kitchen garden formation in their houses. Community Seva Centre itself also cultivated a model kitchen garden within the premises of CSC.


Kalvarayan Hills community peoples are mostly agricultures so Community Seva Centre helps those peoples in paddy cultivation, Thekku, banana, tomato and vegetable cultivation like Beet root, Potato, Cabbage, Maravalli etc.,


Kalvarayan hills peoples are mostly employed in agriculturing so community seva centre helps them for cultivation by providing seeds for tomato, potato, carrot, beet root, ladies fingure, brinjal , banana etc., It helps people for their own use and to generate their income through selling it..

Exposure to SHG Members

For the encouragement and refreshment the womens from SHG will take for an exposure every year to out of station. This helps them to express their opinion and mingle with the social culture.