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Training Division

Training for Creche Workers

Five trainings of 10 days residential training for creche workers has been conducted in Community Seva Centre with the aid of Central and State Social Welfare Board. Through this training 150 creche workers are trained in Roles and Responsibilities of Creche workers, Overall development of the child, Record Maintenance and preparation of playing and teaching materials with the wastages.

Training for Health Workers on RCH

RCH training were provided for 60 Health Workers in covering village. Through this training the Health Workers trained how to conduct meetings for mothers and caregivers, importance of personal hygiene, Immunization, Environmental Hygiene and Home based care for the childrens.

Refresher Training to community organisor on HIV/AIDS

2 refreshers training has been organized for community organisor and recollect the knowledge about the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDs.

Training for Anganwadi workers on Child Rights

30 anganwadi workers trained in the child rights concept and implemented same in the field.

Training for Health workers for Antenatal and Postnatal care

Every year through this training 30 Health workers from sub-centre and anganwadi teachers participated and gained knowledge on Pre-natal care includes Prenatal care is a program of care for a pregnant woman before she gives birth to her baby. Most women begin their prenatal care in the first trimester of pregnancy. Several tests are performed during these visits. Tests performed during the first visit include blood tests to check blood type, Rh factor, anemia, and immunity to several diseases including rubella (German measles) and hepatitis B. Urine tests to check for sugar and protein as signs of diabetes and kidney changes, respectively, are also performed.. Subsequent visits will include the collection of urine samples to continue to check for sugar and proteins, measuring blood pressure, measuring weight to make sure the expectant mother is gaining enough, listening to the fetal heartbeat (typically after 12 weeks) and checking the size and position of the uterus and fetus. The doctor can also perform various tests to check the fetus for birth defects.

Prenatal care consists of much more than just monitoring the mother's diet and weight. Keep in mind that during pregnancy it is not just the health of the pregnant woman that must be watched, but also the health of the unborn baby. Maternal difficulties such as diabetes (which can develop as a result of being pregnant even if diabetes was not present before), insufficient weight gain, and high blood pressure, if gone untreated, can be harmful to the fetus

Training On Hiv/Aids Reduction To School Teachers

Prevention strategies of HIV/AIDS, and in this regard, teachers are expected to play a major role in the provision of information to promote awareness leading to behavioral change among students.

The teachers' knowledge and perception about the disease will influence how they are able to perform this role. It is against this background that we sought to assess the knowledge

Training on HIV/AID'S reduction provided to 60 school teachers in our target villages. Teachers trained in concept of HIV/AID's reduction to children's through pregnancy and the care and support what has to be provided to the affected children

Training For Service Providers On Nutrition

30 service providers include creche workers and anganwadi workers trained in concept of nutrition includes Varieties of Nutrition, Food pyramid, preparation of low cost nutrition. This program helps them to implement in the field and to provide counseling to the pregnant mothers and lactating mother and parents through parents meeting and community meeting.

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