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Training Division

TOT training for creche workers:

Six trainings of 10 days residential training for creche workers has been conducted in Community Seva Centre with the aid of Central and State Social Welfare Board. Through this training 150 creche workers are trained in Roles and Responsibilities of Creche workers, Overall development of the child, Record Maintenance and preparation of playing and teaching materials with the wastages.

Training for Health Workers on RCH:

ECH training were provided for 60 Health Workers in covering village. Through this training the Health Workers trained how to conduct meetings for mothers and caregivers, importance of personal hygiene, Immunization, Environmental Hygiene and Home based care for the childrens.

Capacity Building for Community Level Stake Holders:

Capacity building on Personal Hygiene, prenatal and postnatal care and Nutrition has been provided to Community Level Stake Holders for the Child Care.

Training on HIV/AIDS reduction to School Teachers:

30 teachers are well aware about the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS and how to be friendly with the infected students.

Training for service providers on Nutrition:

30 service providers has been trained in importance of Nutrition and how to prepare low cost nutritioius food through demo from nutrition department.

Capacity Building Training for Livelihood Enhancement and Employment program Staff:

4 staffs has been trained in formation of SHG, individual approach, group approach an din SHG concept.

Beneficiaries Feedback

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