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Overview Of CSC

Community Seva Centre is a social service organization serving for the poorest of the poor in the villages of Ariyankuppam Commune in Pondicherry UT and Kalvarayan hills in TamilNadu since 1993, covering nearly 64 surrounding villages. We are working for child development from womb to teenage, the immunization, nutrition, breast feeding, pre-natal and post-natal care are given for mother and child. CSC is running pre-schools for the development of children below 5 yrs of age, 13 pre-schools in Pondy.

Kalvarayan Hills programs includes Seva Nursery & Primary School, Seva High School, Seva Matriculation School, Elders Home. School going children are supported with supplementary education in night study centre, and summer camps, extra curricular activities, exposure trips, counseling, career guidance, vocational training, sports materials etc has been provided to teenagers to shape their future as they deserve. Women are given awareness on health care, kitchen gardening, and economically empowered through self-help groups. Nearly 320 SHG's are running under community centre in all the 3 regions and women are linked to banks and markets.

Community Seva Centre serving the community by serving the people who are in need, who need helping hand to rose and awake for the better tomorrow. The action plan, the hurdles faced, the achievements, the future plan is being reviewed in this annual report. The end of the year will give new hopes and new responsibilities. But at the same time, past experience are very important for any organization, it should be treasured and measured for the better achievements for future.


Community Seva Centre (CSC) has dedicated its cause for the empowerment of the villages through Social, Economical and Cultural development for creating a sustainable villages atmosphere.


Community organization and awareness promotion.
Integrated Community Health and Sanitation.
Primary Education, Non Formal Education and total literacy campaign.
Skills promotion by vocational training such as Tailoring and Computer.
Nutrition and Income Generation Programs.
Women and Child Care.
Finance for micro enterprise for economic development.
Low cost sanitation program.
Reproductive Child Health.
Street children, Orphanage, Shelter home & Old age Home.



Mid-day meals
Child Care and nutritional programs
Sponsorship program
Medical Screening camp
Running of Children's club.


Mother and Child care and Nutrition program
Immunization and family planning
Formation and strengthening women groups
Self help group formation
Leadership training
Income Generation program


Condensed course
Leadership training
Sport and Cultural training
Vocational and employable skill training
Formation & strengthening Youth Club
Awareness programs on Health, Nutrition and Pre-marital counselling.


Assisting to avail Government program
Old age home ( Elder to Elder)
Aged Shelf Help Group
Income Generation Program
Medical Supports / Camps.


Family counseling
Consumer education
Celebrating special events
AIDS awareness
Public awareness program
Campaign on child labour eradication, children right and women right.


14 Villages at Pondicherry and Ariyankuppam Commune and 12 Villages at Karaikkal and 20 Villages at Kalvaryan Hills Tamil Nadu. ( Total 46 Villages ).


Community fulfilled with basic needs, health services, education and having the sustainable income.


Community Seva Centre is dedicated to support the weaker sections of the society with a holistic, sustainable and diversified approach.
Social and economical, and educational development of backward communities and villages is our main motto.
We focus on child development, youth development, women empowerment and care and support for aged people.

Beneficiaries Feedback

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Contact Us

Ph: 091 413-2618941
091 413- 235727
Mobile: +91 9443157759 Kalvarayan Hills : Ph: 091-4292-293207, 091-4292-293395.