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Family Counseling Centre

Family Problem

Family Counseling centre which is aided by Central/State Social welfare is running by Community Seva Centre since 2008. There is no such thing as the perfect family. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes families get overwhelmed by what seems like an endless list of challenges when it comes to juggling work, school and individual family members' needs. Through counseling about 320 family problems has be solved and resettled. Various awareness programs are conducting on Health, Education and family issues through family counseling centre.

Nature of problems dealing in Family counseling centre are follows:
  1. Wife Beating/Bateing
  2. Desertion/Seperation
  3. Illtreatment/ Harrasment
  4. Extra Marital
  5. Abduction(Kidnapping)
  6. Drug Addiction/Alcoholism
  7. In Laws Problem
  8. Child custody
  9. Dowry Problem
  10. Help for marriage
  11. Vocational training
  12. Unwed Mother/Unwanted pregnanancy
  13. Legal Aid Required
  14. Required Shelter in a Home/Orphan
  15. Others

Beneficiaries Feedback

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Contact Us

REG No.2,
Vallikrishna Illam, III cross
Kasthuribai Gandhi Street
Nethaji Nagar -I, Uppalam
Pondicherry 605 001, INDIA,
Ph: 091 413 2357274
Fax: 091 413 2357274