Elders Caring Programs

Seva Elder To Elder Home For The Tribals

Almost 90% of elders were deserted by their family members in the hills and they struggle for their livelihood and for their medical treatment. So as to take care of these elders CSC has established an elder's home at Thailvenniyur with the capacity of 150 members. At present there are about 75 Elder were taken care of in this home. They were given food, shelter and proper medical care in this home. The elders who were seriously ill were taken to Pondicherry for further treatment.

Income Generation Program For Elders

Community Seva Centre under livelihood program for income generation of the elders brick making training were provided to them. The equipments for brick making, raw materials and linkage with the seller is also made for them. Elders are feel happy to work and showing their interest in income generation through this type of training.

Eye Camp

Every year CSC organised arranged for an eye camp for the elders of the Kalvarayan Hills. More than 90 elders will be benefited through this eye camp. Those who got vision problem will povide opticles after proper testing. The patients with eye problems were administered medicines and referred for further test.

Medical Camp for Elders

Dr.Sarah Moore from Australia visited Kalvarayan Hills and she medically examined all the 75 elders in the Elder Home in Kalvarayan Hills. She diagnosed the following ailment commonly among the elders 1.various types of arthritis especially osteoarthritis secondary to hard manual labour and wearing out of joints. 2. Peptic Ulcer disease especially among men, exacerbated by a high degree of excess alcohol consumption 3. Malnutrition, especially widows and Widower. 4. Anemia possibly secondary to parasites, Malaria etc. She also administered some medicines for their diseases and gave simple measures such as NSAIDs, H2 antagonists, Supplemental feeding programme which would also benefit all pregnant Women.

Elder to Elder Project

We have also conducted an Elder to Elder program in Kalvarayan Hills with the participation of the delegates from Denmark. M/s Ulla is the sponsor parent for the Elder to Elder project at Kalvarayan Hills. Along with her ,M/S Lise, (Connossur in micro Finance) and M/S Suzanna,(Children related activities) came to Kalvarayan Hills and conducted various program for the elders.

Elders Day Celeberation

Every year elders day celeberation will be celebrate and the elders talent will be encourage through different sports like lemon spoon, musical chair, rsinging songs and spirit. This helps to forget the bad events happens in their life and on this day theu enjoy with their peer groups.