Computer Training

Computers & Education aims to increase knowledge and understanding of ways in which digital technology can enhance education, through the publication of high quality research, which extends theory and practice. The Editors welcome research papers on the pedagogical uses of digital technology, where the focus is broad enough to be of interest to a wider education community. We do not publish small-scale evaluations of specific software/systems in specialist domains or particular courses in individual institutions (unless the findings have broader relevance that is explicitly drawn out in the paper). Papers that include discussions of the implementation of software and/or hardware should focus on the context of use, the user/system interface, usability issues and evaluations of the user experience and impacts on and implications for learning and teaching. Detailed information on implementation architecture should NOT be included in the paper, but may be provided via hot-links. We welcome review papers that include clear aims (research questions), a framework of analysis, and conclusions that reflect the aims of the paper. Selection criteria

Papers must:

  • align with the aims of the journal
  • be within the scope of the journal
  • include an appropriate, current and comprehensive literature review
  • have a sound research methodology (see additional notes on methodology below)
  • evidence a high level of critical analysis
  • explicitly indicate how they advance the field
  • comply with the author guidelines
  • not have been submitted/published elsewhere
  • not already have been rejected (without the option to resubmit) by CAE