Community Programs

Check Dam

Community Seva Centre constructed 2 check dams for the agriculturing field and help agriculture in water facilities. Check dam is very helpful for the agriculturing people and It helps them for more production through unlimited water.

Kitchen Garden

Major children in the hills suffer from nutritional deficiency disorders due to mal nutrition. They use vegetables and fruits in their day-to-day cooking very rarely. They were ignorant about the healthy food habits and they do not know about the balanced diet. They were not having sufficient income for cooking nutritious food .This was the main reason for their nutritional disorders. In order to relive them from this deficiency disorders and to provide them with nutritious vegetables, Community Seva Centre has introduced kitchen garden formation in their houses. Community Seva Centre itself also cultivated a model kitchen garden within the premises of CSC.

Paddy Cultivation

Kalvarayan Hills community peoples are mostly agricultures so Community Seva Centre helps those peoples in paddy cultivation, Thekku, banana, tomato and vegetable cultivation like Beet root, Potato, Cabbage, Maravalli etc.,

Vegetable Cultivation

Kalvarayan hills peoples are mostly employed in agriculturing so community seva centre helps them for cultivation by providing seeds for tomato, potato, carrot, beet root, ladies fingure, brinjal , banana etc., It helps people for their own use and to generate their income through selling it.

Drinking Water

There is no safe and wholesome water for drinking in Kalvarayan hills. Generally, people use open well water. During rainy season, this water will be muddy, polluted, and unsafe for drinking purposes, but the people have no other way except use this water for drinking purpose. Due to this, they get many water born diseases without their knowledge.
In order to give awareness about the use of safe Drinking Water, Community Seva Centre organized awareness program on safe drinking water to SHG members. They were also educated about the water born diseases due to the drinking of unsafe water. They were advised to use only boiled water for drinking purposes. Community Seva Centre constructed water tank and help community people to get pure drinking water.

Summer Exhibition

Community Seva Centre organized summer exhibition at kalvarayan Hills tie up with the Agriculture Department. In this exhibition the Agriculturing seeds, and maintainance of cultivation, varieties of pesticide, Fruit cultivating seeds, the snacks and products prepared by the SHG etc., are seen in the exhibition.

Water Tank

At Kalvarayan Hills there is lack of drinking water. There is only 5 opens well for more than 35 villages. So peoples are walking for more than 5 kilometers per day for drinking water. So community Seva Centre Constructed water tank for the community people. And peoples are easy to take drinking water from the taps.