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Children Programmes

Regular weekly meeting for the Peer Groups:

A peer group is both a social group and a primary group of people. Peer group may be defined as a group of people who share similarities such as age, background, and social status, with whom a person is associated, and who are likely to influence the person's beliefs and behaviors.

Children's club session:

Childrens club means a group of childrens from 11- 16 years form a group and carry out their activities with their club donation through NGO's . the activities of childrens club includes evening tuition, collection of sports materials for their refreshment, library, computer class etc.,

Supplementary Feeding:

Through 13 creche centre around 325 childrens are getting their nutritious food through mid day meals. And all the childrens are getting their immunization regularly.

Creche Centre:

13 Creche centre has been running around 325 childrens are benefited in supplementary feeding and education through play way method.

Regular meetings for mothers and caregivers:

Through this meeting mothers and caregivers are aware about the health hazards like malaria, dengue, tuberculosis, immunization, monitoring growth monitoring chart etc.,

IFA tablets for Pregnant Mothers:

Iron Folic Acid tablets has been provided to the 52 preganancy mothers in covered villages with the help of ANM and follow up has been made.

Positive Devience Hearth Program:

Through this program 22 malnourished childrens has been identified and the supplementary feeding has been provided for 20 days and their health grade has been moved forward.

Preparation of Low Cost Nutrition:

Through this program mothers and caregivers trained in preparation of nutritious with low cost.

Child Care Committee:

In this committee members include Mother, Adolescents, youth, mother, teacher, Panchayat leader and SHG members. Through regular meeting of child care committee the members discuss about the development and needs of the creche and satisfy through local donations like white wash of creche, learning and teaching materials for 13 creche centre.

Evening Tuition:

The child who is week in studies will be select and the organization will conduct special evening tuition for them to improve their marks.12 childrens marks has been improved upto 65 percentage.

Global Action Week:

Through celebration of Global Action week the childrens and parents are came to know about the importance of Education.

Education support for performing and needy child:

For 32 childrens education support has been provided for their performance in education. And for 30 chidrens education support has been provided.

IEC materials in Local languages:

Information, Education and Communication materials in Health has been prepared in local language and provided to the childrens and community for awareness

Translation & Supply of Child Protection policy to CBO's:

Child protection poliy has been translated into tamil and provided to 10 Child Based Organisation to distribute to the childs for their awareness.

Sponser Day Celeberation:

Sponser day celeberation has been celeberated for the sponsor childrens and their parents. Through sponsorship program 1330 childrens has been benefited for the education and needs.

Supply of sports and play materials for childrens club:

Cricket bats and Carrom Board has been provided for 22 childrens club.

Beneficiaries Feedback

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