Cell Phone Service Training

The Community Seva Centre provide the Cell phome Service training. Repair services the equiable of mobile phone repair course in CSC provides precondition skills and knowledge of mobile chip level and card level repairing in Pondicherry to enable the student to get into a large number variety of jobs and business in the mobile phone industry or field and also startup a mobile phone repair outlet or service centers. Advance Insititute provide training in mobile phone repairing in skill oriented training The classroom training also provides hands on practice on various mobile phone models like I phone, blockberry, apple, Samsung etc., The right infrastructure is required to ensure that the students develop required skills for mobile phone repairing joining with advance industry. . In This program 50 youngers 50 Adolescents were benefited and garined knowledge.

Mobile Repair Servicing Tools
  • Opening Tools and Tweezers
  • Soldering and Desoldering Tools
  • Multi Tester, SMD Rework Stations, DC Power Supply
  • Cleaning Kits, Reballing Kits
  • Working Table Equipments

Mobile repair Equipments Handling
  • Safety Procedures and Proper Handling of Tools and Test Equipments on Cellphone Repair
  • Safety Handling with Rework and Soldering Stations
  • Safety Handling of a Multimeter and Power Supply
  • How to Use the features and Read a Multimeter
  • Introduction to Reading Cellphone's Schematic Diagrams
  • How to Identify Component Symbols on Schematic Diagram
  • How to Find Component Parts on PCB Board
  • Identifying User Interfaces Components such as Power Switch, Microphone,
  • Earpiece and Ring-tone speakers and Layouts on Schematic Diagram

Cellphone Dismantling and mobile handling procedures
  • Basic Hardware Handling Procedures
  • How to Properly Dismantle Mobile Phones Handset
  • How to Test Mobile Phone components
  • How to Check Mobile Phone Battery Voltage

Handling of Mobile Software
  • Computer Operations and Usage - Computer Fundamentals , Overview of PC operating system , Settings and configurations
  • Using Software for Mobile phones - Synchronization of Mobile phones and PC using Data cables Working with Working with ringtones and conversion software
  • Working with mobile software applications , audio and video editors

Flashing , Phone Unlocking
  • What is firmware and what is software
  • What is Flashing and how to flash a phone
  • What is Phone Unlocking and How to Unlock a Mobile Phone
  • Knowledge about IMEI, IMSI, ESN, PIN, PUK, MTSO, SECURITY LOCK, Factory Restore.

Cellphone Secret Codes
  • Cell phone secret codes
  • Nokia Mobile Secret Codes
  • Samsung secret Code
  • Sony Ericsson Secret Code