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Adolescent & Youth Programmes

Gender Equity

Socially constructed roles too often thwart the potential of girls and women. Discrimination denies them health care and education. It hides information that they can use to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS. Discrimination robs girls and women of the power to make decisions, to earn a living and to be free from violence, abuse and exploitation. Often it deprives them of any legal protection.

Community seva centre is committed to leveling the playing field for girls and women by ensuring that all children have equal opportunity to develop their talents. We work to ensure that all babies receive the best start to life through gender-sensitive, integrated early childhood care. We work so that all children are afforded quality education, one that prepares them for a productive life.

For that we have a program called awareness on gender equity in which 30 adolescence and youths were participated and gained knowledge on the importance of gender equity and equal rights has to provide for both male and female and there should not be gender discrimination.

Computer Course

112 candidates has been trained in Fundamental of computer, Ms Office and Internet and employed in data entry and other IT field.

Special coaching for High and Higher Secondary students

36 children's has been benefited and scored high marks in Maths, English and Science through special tuition.

Employable Skill Training

Through employable skill training 35 youths has been trained in four wheeler training with license and self employed.

Life Skill Education for Adolescence

Through life skill education 120 adolescence were trained in decision making, problem solving, how to manage stress and emotion in the critical situation.

Pre-Marital Counseling for Adolescence

This session helps adolescence to prepare physically, psychologically and socially before and after marriage. 60 adolescence in covering villages participated and benefited.

Exhibition, Sensitization and stigma reduction on HIV/AIDS

Through this exhibition around 360 adolescents has been aware of the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS through IEC Movie and materials.

Beneficiaries Feedback

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